Girl scouts unload 200,000 boxes of cookies

Posted at: 11/10/2012 7:40 PM

If you ordered girl scout cookies this year, the delicious treats will soon be at your door. News10NBC caught up with girl scouts who were unloading more than 200,000 boxes of cookies on Saturday.

Over the next month, the girls will deliver these orders door-to-door in their neighborhoods. For girl scouts, the cookie program gives them the opportunity to develop skills they can some day use in the real world.

"It's something," says Cynthia Snodgrass. "That gets them out into the community meeting their neighbors, gets them to talk to people, gets them some leadership skills and it can serve as a basis for community service, which is another thing that girl scouts is all about."

This year's goal is to sell 1.7 million boxes of cookies.