Local residents honor sacrifices made by veterans

Posted at: 11/11/2012 8:13 PM
Updated at: 11/12/2012 12:29 AM

On Sunday, hundreds of Rochester residents paid tribute to veterans who are serving and have served our country. They sacrifice so much to protect our freedoms and we thank them.

News10NBC spoke to several veterans on Sunday at several Veterans Day events and although they appreciate the support from the community, veteran Alexander Johnson says veterans should be thanked and honored everyday.

Johnson says, "We always enjoy having the community join us and pay tribute to veterans on Veterans Day."

He joined dozens of people to pay tribute to all veterans throughout the day including those who are still defending our country overseas. There were several events throughout the area to honor those who have sacrificed for all Americans. On a day like this the support for the community makes their choice to go to war all worth it.

"It tickles me to no end," says veteran Pete Fantigrossi. "I love it when people take a few minutes to remember guys who were in different wars."

Veteran David Russell says, "They appreciate what we've been through, what we went through and what we stand for."

Town officials in Brighton even added a permanent dedication on Sunday. The memorial was designed so that people can reflect year round and remind every American that freedom is not free. These veterans say it's something they think about every day.

That memorial in Brighton was created by the town's veterans committee. They raised funds from residents, local businesses and veterans organizations. Town officials say they will continue to raise money for the memorial and they expect it to be completed sometime in 2013.