Upside down flag causes uproar in Clarkson

Posted at: 11/12/2012 10:11 PM
Updated at: 11/13/2012 9:12 AM
By: Lynette Adams

People passing by the post office in Clarkson see it and they don't like it. People have a lot to say about how the American flag is treated especially on the day our country pays tribute to it's veterans.      

So you can imagine the disappointment and outrage of some veterans who have seen the flag flying upside down at the Clarkson Post Office.

Throughout history when a flag is flying upside down, it's a sign of distress.  So what's been going on at the post office in Clarkson? That's what News10NBC wanted to know.

Joe Wielsgosz couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Wielsgosz said, “I just think it's appalling. One because it's like that and two because it's on the United States Post Office for crying out loud.”

He saw it again Monday, of all days, on Veterans' Day.

Wielsgosz said, “I'm truly upset, as a citizen and on Veterans' Day on top of it. Unbelievable. Truly Unbelievable.”

Cynthia Czaja has driven past this post office and says she didn't even notice it until it was brought to her attention.

Czaja said, “To tell you the truth, when I first drove up I was just trying to mail some stuff. I didn't even notice until the gentleman pointed out to me that it was upside down. And my reaction, it's inappropriate.”

The flag is upside down and News10NBC was told it's been flying upside down at the U.S. Post Office at the corner of Routes 19 and 104 in Clarkson for several days. It has caused quite a stir. News10NBC received emails from angry veterans who feel it is disrespectful on a day set aside to honor veterans.

Bill Rowe said, “Normally it just stays up all the time. It never, ever, gets taken down because of the light. The kids have been flipping it at night, well we think kids.”

Bill Rowe says postmaster Terri Thomas is his girlfriend and she heard hear about the flag.

Rowe said, “She asked me to come and flip it.”

Within five minutes, Rowe had the flag up right, but says this has been a daily occurrence since the election. Some have speculated it might be someone making a statement about the election outcome.

Rowe said, “It is a little strange. I don't know. I think it's just kids because she's had other pranks like smashed pumpkins and things so I don't know if it's disgruntled people. I think it's just pranks.”

U.S. Postal Service spokesperson Karen Mazurkiewicz said, “This was an act of mischief. Since the Post Office was closed, no one was in the building. Once reported, someone went to the office to correct it. According to the Postmaster, she has discovered the flag tampered with on other occasions. From now on, the flag will be taken down when no one is in the building where prior, it was left to wave continuously.”