Former Greece Police Chief Merritt Rahn granted parole

Posted at: 11/13/2012 1:59 PM
Updated at: 11/13/2012 7:44 PM
By: Ray Levato

The former Greece Police Chief will be a free man in December. News10NBC has confirmed Merritt Rahn has been granted parole, after serving just over two years in state prison. Rahn was sent to prison after he was convicted of official misconduct and tampering with evidence.

Rahn was sentenced to two and a half to five years on the charges. Rahn, the former Greece Police  Chief , was denied parole a year ago.

Rahn was sent to prison July of 2010 to serve a 2 ½ to 5 year term for official misconduct and evidence tampering. Rahn was convicted of four felonies and three misdemeanors for trying to cover up the hit-and-run crash of Former Greece Police Officer Nick Joseph and the mid-deeds of Officer Gary Pignato. Pignato was eventually convicted using his badge to to coerce women to have sex.
Rahn has been serving his sentence at the Hudson Correctional Facility which is south of Albany. Defense Attorney John Parrinello says Rahn still maintains his innocence and News10NBC got reaction from some town residents.

John Parrinello, Rahn Defense Attorney, said, “I have to step back a minute. The parole board decision not to parole him the last time was ridiculous and describing him as a danger to the community. Merritt Rahn has never been a danger to anyone under any circumstances over the many years he served the community as a police officer. I'm delighted he is getting out of jail for him and his family and I never agreed with the verdict in the first place.”

Don Henderson, Greece resident, said, “I don't think he should be out. I followed the facts and i think he should still be in jail.”

Didi Dalaba, Greece resident: I followed the story when it was going on and as a Greece resident I was enraged with the whole corruption of the Greece Police Department. And it's disheartening that he's getting released early.”

Merritt Rahn's son, Chad Rahn has already been released from prison. The younger Rahn. as an Irondequoit Police Officer, provided information about an informant to a drug suspect who then assaulted the tipster.