Case against SUNY Geneseo Girls Volleyball players resolved in court

Posted at: 11/13/2012 6:04 PM
Updated at: 11/13/2012 11:15 PM
By: Lynette Adams

The hazing case against 8 SUNY Geneseo Women's Volleyball players was resolved in court Tuesday. They haven't had much to say publicly during this ordeal but they will be doing a lot of talking to high school students.

It's part of the deal worked out between the Livingston County District Attorney and the attorneys for the young women. This all stems from an off-campus drinking party in September. One freshman at the party later went to the hospital. Reaction from the university was swift, canceling the season for the team.

Geneseo Village Justice Thomas Bushnell agreed to the plea deal, but he stated that he was not happy about it. He wanted to charge the women with a violation, but said the district attorney argued that would hurt the future employment opportunities for these young women. He did tell the players their actions were "premeditated, abusive, degrading and life threatening."

Lindsay Rathbun, Sophomore, said, “I hope people will learn from something this severe, but you can only hope some good comes out it.”

The SUNY Geneseo student is talking about the September party that landed eight Geneseo Women's Volleyball players and three other students in court. The case involving eight of them was resolved in court.

Greg McCaffrey, Livingston Co unty District Attorney, said, “ These girls got a substantial break tonight, but moving on, lets try to turn a negative into a positive for this community.”

Livingston County District Attorney Greg McCaffrey worked out a plea agreement with the students and they accepted they will have to perform community service with the sheriff's office on two weekends, but that's not all.

McCaffrey said, “We've mandated that they set up and speak at local high schools about what they learned from this, what could have happened, how their lives have been adversely affected.”

This plea is in lieu of the charges against the young women of hazing and unlawfully dealing with a child. It stems from an off-campus party the night of September 2. The students were accused of blindfolding the freshman players, tying their hands and forcing them to drink alcohol. If the students complete the judge's order and stay out of trouble in a year, this all goes away.

McCaffrey said, “We had potentially some proof issues in this case. You when you have people blindfolded and drinking it's tough to get cooperation. I'm not saying none of the girls was willing to cooperate, but we think we reached a fair resolution and hopefully the girls move forward from this and so does the community.”

And some students agree.

Jessi Moody, junior, said, “College students make mistakes.”

All eight of the women left out of a back entrance and News10NBC was not able to speak with them.