Town of Greece Republican issues

Posted at: 11/14/2012 7:43 PM

A rift of sorts has developed among Republicans in the Town of Greece. The town's chief of staff says the town's GOP leader is stacking the Republican committee to benefit himself in a possible race for supervisor.

Jeff McCann, who is also a Republican county legislator from Greece, accuses Jerry Helfer with improperly adding 33 people to the town's Republican committee. Many of them are Helfer's family members -- or related to Republican Assemblyman Bill Reilich and his staff. Reilich is also the county GOP chairman.
McCann says this was done without notice and not according to party rules. Helfer says he had a lot of vacancies to fill -- and he added people he knew and trusted.

“Right now with what's happened, we're concentrating the power to select our candidates in the hands of a couple of people. And that's not something I’m going to let happen without a fight,” said McCann.

Helfer said, “yes, there are some family members. Yes, there are people related to other public officials. But these are people who want to be on the Greece Republican  Committee, and there is still room for almost 300 more. So there's plenty of opportunity for Republicans in Greece who are looking to be involved.”

Mccann is term limited in the legislature and says he's thinking of running for town supervisor. Helfer is an Assistant County  Executive to Maggie Brooks and is also interested in running for Greece Supervisor.