Merritt Rahn's parole hearing transcript released

Posted at: 11/14/2012 9:42 PM
Updated at: 11/14/2012 11:31 PM
By: Don Hudson

On Tuesday we learned Former Greece Police Chief Merritt Rahn was granted parole and would be released from prison in December. On Wednesday we gained access to  the transcript of his parole hearing.

The parole board interview happened on November 7th via video conference. Three commissioners questioned Merritt Rahn. And Rahn's tone seemed much more remorseful than the parole hearing from November 2011. It also lasted about half the time as the 2011 hearing.
At the hearing Merritt Rahn was asked about the crimes that sent him to jail - Including his improper handling of a hit and run involving Sgt. Nicholas Joseph. Rahn replied, "I didn't take the proper actions to follow up on it..it caused a problem and almost let him get away with committing a crime."

He was also asked about mis-handling an officer Gary Pignato's background check. To that he admitted, "I told the officer who does the background checks just to speed it through...the background check was not done the way it should have been, and I contributed to the improper background check."

When asked if he had anything to add, Rahn said, "I'm remorseful. What I did was wrong. It's a terrible way to end a career of 42 years. I can't take it back. I can just go back out and show people I am a law abiding, hardworking person."

That is something his attorney John Parrinello has been saying all along.

"I'm delighted he is getting out of jail for him and his family and I never agreed with the verdict in the first place."

During the hearing Rahn also said, "I can promise you that, if I go home, you'll never see from me or hear from me again. I'll be an excellent citizen and abide by the law."

Some of the people he use to serve and protect, like Didi Dalaba, think that despite what he says, he should not be granted parole at this time.

"I followed the story when it was going on and as a Greece resident I was enraged with the whole corruption of the Greece police department. And it's disheartening that he's getting released early."

Rahn told the parole board that he has several job offers. He also told the board that he has several home remodeling jobs lined up upon his release.