Deer hunting season starts

Posted at: 11/17/2012 11:45 PM
Updated at: 11/17/2012 11:49 PM

Saturday was opening day for hunting season in Western New York. The Department of Environmental Conservation says deer hunting is one of the most popular sporting opportunities in New York State.

This is a day that so many people have been loving forward to in our area. On Saturday, hunters were ready to go and spend their day outdoors.

DEC officials say the season got off to a slow start today at the check-in site. About 24 deer were brought in for examination. Officials say they usually see around forty to fifty deer on the first day. They say weather may have kept a lot of hunters out in the woods but either way they are expecting a busy season.

Art Kirsch, Senior Wildlife Biologist for the DEC, says it helps the agency keep track of the deer in our area. He says they use the information to measure the deer, determine its age and see if anything is wrong with it.

"We need to know how many deer are shot, and the information the tag holds for each deer." says Kirsch. "So we consider it the duty of a hunter to do their part in deer management and part of that is to stop here and let us see each deer."

Officials want hunters to make sure they are using the proper firearms. There are a lot of areas that prohibit rifles or shotguns. The checkpoint will re-open again on Sunday morning and it will be open weekends throughout the season. They will only be here during the week but again you can report your deer over the phone or online. You can find more information from the DEC by clicking here. (http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/8316.html)