Thurman Thomas speaks at church in Greece

Posted at: 11/18/2012 7:49 PM

Lakeshore Community Church in Greece hosted a big name from the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. NFL Hall of Famer Thurman Thomas spoke as a part of the church's "Making a Comeback" series. Thomas talked about his faith and how it helped him combat challenges in his life.

Senior Past Vince DiPaolo believes hearing these personal stories will help his congregation apply those same principles to their own lives. Thomas says he just wanted to show that you can prosper in the face of struggles and he hopes that his story can help others.

"I know a lot of people struggle with a lot of different things in life," says Thomas. "If I can spread my work and spread my message, hopefully it will help somebody and that's what my life has always been about."

Sunday's talk marked the final event for the "Making a Comeback" series at the church.