Family finds reason to be thankful this Thanksgiving

Posted at: 11/21/2012 6:30 PM
Updated at: 11/22/2012 12:21 AM
By: Lynette Adams

This Thanksgiving, one family is surely counting its blessings. The stroller carrying brother and sister, Sam and Selah Clanton  fell into the Erie Canal back in August. Sam has made a full recovery, but Selah is still in a coma. But for the first time since the accident, the Clanton family say they’ve a reason to hope.

It was 14 weeks ago that Selah and Sam Clanton fell into the Erie Canal. Selah was underwater for such a period of time that doctors said her prognosis was dim. Her parents prayed for a miracle and today they told me they think their miracle may have come in the form of fish oil.

Yvonne Clanton, Selah's mother, said, “Everything is positive. Things that we never ever expected and nor did the doctor expect that she would come this far so we are very, very thankful.”

John and Yvonne Clanton are beaming with renewed optimism.  It's the first time they've had a reason to hope since the accident.  

Clanton said, “She becoming more aware. If she doesn't like something she's starting to push it away. Her eyes are open. She follows us. She really responds to John more than anybody.”

Two and a half weeks ago, the Clantons' say doctors began treating Selah with rich Omega-3 fish oil. While there have been no extensive studies, fish oil has shown evidence, suggesting it can restore and repair the brain in comatose patients.

John Clanton, Selah's father, said, “I do believe it is the beginning of  healing in her body. I believe that the Bible tells us all good gifts come from god..”

John Clanton was walking the canal path with his children last August when Sam and Selah's stroller slipped from his hands. It plunged into the canal. He dove in after them. Three medical students and their professor helped to rescue Clanton and the children. Selah has been in a coma since but the Clantons' say this fish oil is making a difference. They also credit her occupational therapist for making a difference in all of their lives.

Clanton said, “This lady comes in with such love and hope and it's what brought back our. restored hope again to know that it can be a healing and God does do miracles.”

While Selah is a long way from returning to the person she was before the accident, her parents are so thankful for this..

Clanton said, “Everything's uncertain. We really don't know anything other than she's better than she was a week ago. She's better than she was two weeks ago. She's better than she was two months ago, by far, she's not even the same child.”

Right now, the plan is for the Clantons' to head to Jacksonville, Florida Tuesday to take Selah to a rehab center there. But the family has stopped planning, taking i one day at a time and this  day is about Thanksgiving.