Warning about magnets

Posted at: 11/22/2012 9:03 PM

A warning from doctors at Strong Hospital about what you buy and put into the hands of small children for the holidays.

The head of pediatric emergency care is particularly worried about a desk toy called Rare-Earth Magnets. They're the size of a tic tac, but much more powerful than your typical fridge magnet.

They've seen cases were children swallow one of the magnets. The real danger happens when children ingest more than one.

Dr. Anne Brayer, Pediatric Emergency, said, "If one magnet adheres across to another magnet and there's a loop of bowel in between that that bowel can lack blood supply and develop a hole eventually which is a serious problem. "

Dr. Brayer says pay attention to the age recommendations on toys and make sure you buy something that is appropriate for your child or any child.