Shoppers out for Small Business Saturday

Posted at: 11/24/2012 8:50 PM
Updated at: 11/24/2012 11:26 PM
By: Joangel Concepcion

Across the country, shoppers were encouraged to shop locally for Small Business Saturday. Areas like Park Avenue and the Village of Fairport did everything they could to attract holiday shoppers with hopes of keeping some of the cash right here in the Rochester area.

Black Friday may be over, but for some the shopping season began on Saturday.

Shopper Barb Grau said, "I would rather buy a gift here which often times isn't that much more expensive or anymore expensive than at the mall and have this atmosphere."

Grau and her daughter Katie avoided the long lines on Friday and saved their money for smaller, more intimate shopping.

"It's far more user friendly, more personable," says Grau. "You walk in, they recognize you, you recognize them. Often times we know each other by name in different stores."

The day wasn't just about getting the best deals, it was a perfect way to support small businesses nationwide.  

"We were hopeful that the promotion of Small Business Saturday registers with the community," says Mike Miller, owner of Seasons of Fairport. "So far they have come out and supported us."

Owners Diana and Mike Miller say this is the busiest day they have had this year so far and they were very busy throughout the day. They also say that the day helps residents remember there are local shopping options.

"To remind people that small businesses are here within the community," says Diana Miller. "That we need them and I hope they need us."

In one way or another, small businesses have taken a hit within the last few years. The Millers are hoping this business boost is just the beginning.

"We're hoping that this holiday season will just kick off," says Mike Miller. "Hopefully next year the economy will improve and people will feel more in tune to spending and buying and feeling good about themselves again."

The Millers say they also have another big event coming up this weekend in Fairport that hopefully will bring even more business for the store.