26,000 lights on display in Irondequoit

Posted at: 11/25/2012 9:08 PM
Updated at: 11/26/2012 12:27 AM

An Irondequoit man has taken holiday decorating to the next level.

Dan Wright lives on Wahl Road in Irondequoit and has been working on his display for months. Wright says he loves not only the look on his kids faces when they see the display all lit up but he does it for the whole community.

"I guess I just want them to be happy and feel good," says Wright. "If it makes them forget things that aren't going well for a little bit, that's good too."

Wright says he was bitten by the Christmas light bug a couple years ago and his display has now become a year long project culminating in about 26,000 lights and more extension cords that he can count. Along with penguins, Santas, dinosaurs and superheros.

The entire system of lights in controlled by a computer and each light corresponds to a row. Each row is programmed to dance, shimmer and blink to music.

Wright says that his light show has started to spread throughout the neighborhood.

"The lights have kind of started spreading out in the neighborhoods too," says Wright. "I don't know if that is because of this or people starting to see the spirit."