Governor Cuomo takes bus tour of key development projects in Rochester

Posted at: 11/27/2012 7:09 AM
Updated at: 11/27/2012 8:02 PM
By: Amanda Ciavarri

Governor Cuomo says he's focused on bringing more jobs to our area. Cuomo and Lieutenant Governor Bob Duffy toured parts of the city Tuesday on a RTS bus. They visited key development projects like the Port of Rochester, Midtown Tower and the Eastman Business Park.

The projects are about  creating jobs. and the people running Eastman Business Park say they want to put our area back on top when it comes to  manufacturing jobs.

Michael Alt, Director of Eastman Business Park, said, “I wanted the governor to leave knowing this is a gem of upstate new york. it is one of the most important assets we have for creating jobs.”
While Governor Andrew Cuomo was in town visiting key development projects. He took a drive to the Finger Lakes region's highest-priority project, The Eastman Business Park. It is one of the projects that received grant money last year.

Governor. Cuomo said, “The park has a challenge. We all know what is going on with Kodak, and we understand the reality of the situation. So we understand the challenge of it. It is also a great opportunity because it is a great facility.”
News10NBC learned there are plans for keeping jobs here and bringing even more in. The director of Eastman Business Park said within a few months they plan on announcing the name of an Asian company they are working with to create and manufacture touch screens. Other possible businesses coming to the park: companies that make fuel cells, sensors, and even artificial skin .

Alt said, “ Not just jobs today but jobs for the future. We can win in manufacturing. We aren't going to bring back the products that are made in china today, but we will manufacture the new innovative products that are coming out of places like Eastman Business Park in this region.”

And Cuomo said he is happy with what the park is doing and says the state is behind them.     
Cuomo said, “We understand what the park was, and the history of the park and now how do you make the park a place for the future, and how do you make the park a palace for future businesses. The state is 100% supportive of doing that in anyway possible.”

The director of Eastman Park would not say the name of the Asian company they are working with for the touch screens but says in a few months they should be able to announce it.