Door to door vacuum saleswoman charged with stealing jewelry from elderly woman

Posted at: 11/27/2012 5:57 PM
By: Berkeley Brean

A woman who works for a door-to-door vacuum sales company, is accused of stealing jewelry from an 84-year old woman who let her into her house. The saleswoman's boss is accused of trying to cover the theft up.

Yolanda Gadsby, of Webster, is charged with petit larceny, tampering with evidence and a witness.

Her employer, Daniel Bierworth, of North Chili, is charged with tampering with evidence and the witness and possession of stolen property.

Here's what the Livingston County Sheriff's office tells us what happened.

On Monday Novermber 12, Gadsby went into the home of an elderly woman in Livonia. She asked to use the bathroom and when she did, investigators say Gadsby stole jewelry from the woman. Investigators then say Gadsby sold the jewelry at pawn shops in Webster. After he was alerted of the alleged theft, investigators say Bierworth tried to buy back the jewelry (he only got one piece) and return it to the woman and convince her to tell the sheriff's office that she must have misplaced the items and that she didn't want them to investigate.

The undersheriff told News10NBC his investigators didn't buy it.

Days later, Gadsby and Bierworth were arrested. Both have posted bail.

We obtained copies of Gadsby's and Bierworth's statements to investigators.

In her first statement on November 19th, Gadsby denied taking anything. But in a second statement given the very next day, Gadsby told investigators "I was there and took some jewelry." She continued "I have deep remorse for hurting (the elderly woman) and taking advantage of her. I have been going through a lot of financial problems. I had a moment of weakness and it seemed like an easy way out. I am very sorry and I knew it was wrong."

"I lied because I was scared, ashamed and embarrassed. I decided to try and recover the jewelry. I contacted my boss, Dan Bierworth and told him the truth. He went with me to attempt to buy back the two items but only was able to retrieve the ring. Dan then took these items to (the woman) and she spoke with me on the phone. I apologized and she gave Dan a letter stating she no longer wanted to prosecute. Dan then notified the investigators that (the woman) had 'found her jewelry.' (The woman) did not want to lie to the investigator.  Again, I am sorry about what I did and Dan was only trying to help me. I don't want him to be in trouble because of me. I have two beautiful children and so want to go to jail. I understand that wrong choices deserve punishment."

Bierworth's statement is far shorter.

I reads, "after police contacted Yolanda Gadsby for statement information came to me about jewelry in which I personally went to retrieve. One in village of Webster and the other was at the Jewelry and Coin Exchange. Returned to (the woman)."

In April 2009, Bierworth was sentenced to time serviced, 5 years supervised release and ordered to pay $61,000 in restitution after being convicted of bank fraud in a federal case.

Gadsby was convicted of grand larceny around 2008 and for violating her probation in 2009.

The Livingston County Sheriff's Office wants anyone who feels they have been victimized by these two people to contact Investigator Thomas Dougherty at (585) 243-7100.