Update: Seven teens injured in crash in East Bloomfield

Posted at: 11/27/2012 8:22 PM
Updated at: 11/28/2012 6:07 AM
By: Lynette Adams and Don Hudson

Three teens injured in a crash in East Bloomfield remain in guarded condition. Another teen has been discharged from the hospital.

17-year-old Jessica Henry and 17-year-old Joelle Henry, who were passengers in the front seat, remain at Strong Hospital in guarded condition.

13-year-old Meagan Henry and 15-year-old Haley Dewey were ejected from the truck. Henry is in guarded condition, and Dewey is still being evaluated.

16-year-old Morgan Henry, who was sitting in the back seat, has been released from the hospital.

Ontario County Sheriff's Deputies say seven teens were injured in a single vehicle crash.

The crash happened just after 6 p.m. Tuesday on Pond Road off Route 444 in the town of East Bloomfield.

The Ontario County Sheriff's Office says Alexander Brown, 19, of Bloomfield was driving a pickup truck southbound on Pond Road when he failed to negotiate a sharp right hand curve. The truck then rolled over several times.

The Ontario County Sheriff's Office say four teens were ejected from the truck.

Brown and 18-year-old Joshua Bock were transported to F.F. Thompson Hospital where they were treated and released.

The Ontario County Sheriff's Office say none of the teens were wearing their seats belts. They say right now it looks like speed was a major factor in the crash.

Ontario County Sheriff's Office Lt. John Storer says it looks like the teens were out joy riding.

Lt. John Storer said, "The suggested speed is 35 because of the curve and I would assume there's a sign coming to the southwest saying 35. The vehicle appeared to be doing well over 55."

Storer said some of the parents he spoke with were shocked by the news of this crash. They thought their children were in the village not out riding around.