Neighbors react to crash that injured seven teenagers in East Bloomfield

Posted at: 11/28/2012 4:31 PM
Updated at: 11/28/2012 6:16 PM
By: Amanda Ciavarri

Neighbors are reacting to the crash that sent seven teenagers to the hospital.

The crash happened Tuesday night around 6:30pm on Pond Road in Bloomfield, off of Route 444. Sheriff's Deputies say those seven teens were all riding together in a truck when the driver lost control around a curve and that truck flipped. Four of those teens are still in the hospital.

17-year-old twin sisters Jessica and Joelle Henry are at Strong Hospital in guarded condition. Their 13-year-old sister, Meagan Henry is also there in guarded condition. Their other sister, 16-year-old Morgan Henry is out of the hospital.

15-year-old Haley Dewey is listed in satisfactory condition at Strong Hospital. The driver, 19-year-old Alexander Brown, and 18-year-old Joshua Bock have also been released from hospital.

News10NBC spoke to Brown's mother off camera. She said the teens are all best friends from school. They had just picked up Haley Dewey and were heading to the four sisters' house to hang out for the night.

Paula Olney  and her husband got home last night around 5:30pm. She says her neighborhood on Pond Road was quiet and dark. It wasn't long before everything changed.

Olney said, “Within 15 minutes of that, I had come into the house, was doing some things and my husband had come to the door and he said you come on out, there is something big going on.”

They didn't hear the accident, but they saw the aftermath.

Olney said, “We eventually walked down by the end of the driveway, near the road and could actually see really well, all the lights and we watched as they set up the flares in the field for the helicopter for Mercy Flight.”

According to the Ontario County Sheriff's Office, the seven teens were riding in a pick-up truck heading south on Pond Road.  Deputies say the driver, 19 year old Alexander Brown, was driving too fast to handle a sharp right hand turn and rolled the truck several times.

There is still debris in the road from the crash. Neighbors say one of the teens ran to a house to get help.

Sheriff's Deputies say there are signs warning drivers to slow down around the turn, but investigators don't believe Brown did. They say he was going well over 55 when the suggested speed is 35. Olney says drivers speed around this curve all the time.

Olney said, “Sitting up here, noise does travel. The cars that speed down this road, it is just nerve racking. In fact, I’m floored that somebody hasn't gone off before this.”

Investigators say none of the teens were wearing seat belts.

Brown's mother broke down into tears when she was talking about the accident, she said she can't wrap her head around it still. Her son didn't want to talk. She said he is okay physically, but mentally very shaken. Right now, there are just very worried about the girls still in the hospital.