Will Monroe County homeowners have to pay "snow tax?"

Posted at: 11/28/2012 8:08 PM

Democrats in the Monroe County legislature are calling it a "snow tax." Technically, it's a new charge back to town taxpayers for plowing county roads.

County Executive Maggie Brooks and republicans claim they've kept the tax rate flat. But democrats believe the charge back is really a tax because it shows up separately on a homeowner's county property tax bills.

The change raises $5 million and amounts to about $23 for a house valued at $150 thousand.

Monroe County Democrat Legislator Josh Barouth said "Republicans and Democrats, in the city or the suburbs, it doesn't matter. We're all paying these taxes and it's sneaky. It shouldn't be done like this. If you're going to raise our taxes, by God, tell us. And then we can make our minds up fairly and openly."

The Brooks Administration responded with a written statement saying the 2013 budget holds the property tax rate stable and protects vital funding for snow and ice removal.