Update: Jurors, not witnesses, get questioned in Brighton murder trial

Posted at: 11/29/2012 4:24 PM
Updated at: 11/29/2012 7:35 PM
By: Berkeley Brean

An unexpected turn of events today in the trial of a young Brighton man accused of killing his former roommate. Instead of witnesses and experts on the stand, some of the jurors were getting questioned today.

At least four jurors were questioned by the prosecution, the defense and the judge in the Maxwell Wyant trial and the judge appeared to be examining the cell phone of one juror.  

23 year old Wyant is accused of murdering 21 year old C.J. Schoen last February.

It's hard for us to say exactly what was going on in court. Judge Doug Randall closed the court room when he and the attorneys were questioning the jurors. At the end of the court's day, the judge invited the media back in the courtroom. He didn't get specific but he said "there is a series of issues involving this case and the this jury."

Concerning the cell phone, we could see a lone juror appear to search for something on her cell phone. She then handed it to a court deputy who gave it to the judge. Judge Randall appeared to search the phone himself.

Judge Randall said "the court is still in the process of sorting it out." He also referred to the "unique nature of the inquiry."

Normally the attorneys talk to us at the end of the day, but on the judge's orders both the prosecutor and defense attorney said they could not talk. As the attorneys left the courtroom, the judge said "we all have a lot of work to do."

We counted four jurors questioned by the judge and the lawyers this afternoon. The rest get questioned starting Friday morning.

Until they clear up what ever this problem is, there is no more testimony. Prior to the problems, however, the jury did see picture of spent shot gun shells found in the home. They saw the shot gun that was used. They also heard police testimony that they found 14 guns in the house and dozens of shot gun shells.