Two injured after wrong way, head-on crash on 590

Posted at: 11/30/2012 3:27 AM
Updated at: 11/30/2012 9:57 PM
By: Joangel Concepcion

New York State Troopers are still looking for answers at this hour about a violent wrong-way crash on 590 early Friday morning. The drivers of both cars are in guarded condition.

People on the road frantically called 911 to warn the police when they saw the car going the wrong way. State troopers did everything possible to stop the driver, but could only watch in horror as 38-year-old Mario Carlenius slammed into another car head on around 2:00 Friday morning.

It was dangerous situation for all drivers early Friday morning on I-590 including state troopers. State Police say this was not a chase, two units were following the driver for about four to five miles, roughly around five minutes, trying to catch his attention, but before they could even come up with a strategy to force him to stop, it was just too late.

When you see those lights and hear those sirens, everyone usually knows what they have to do.

Trooper Mark O'Donnell, NY State Police, said, “Most people pullover. So when they don't pull over, we obviously know something is wrong.”

But when 38-year-old Mario Carlenius didn't stop Friday morning, troopers knew they had to think quick and move fast.

Trooper O'Donnell said, “The driver did not yield to the police vehicles.  He did not pull over to the right as he should.”

Trooper Mark O'Donnell said Carnelius was driving south on 590 in the northbound lane and no matter how fast the troopers sprung into action. It all ended in a very violent collision.

Trooper O'Donnell said, “When the two cars collided head on, debris was everywhere. It was a little confusing and of course, the extent of the injuries were severe.”

It all happened right in front of at least four state troopers who were also in danger.

Trooper O'Donnell said, “The troopers attempting to stop the car were put in a dangerous situation too because they were also driving against traffic. Even though they had their light and sirens and spot lights on trying to get the motorist to pull over, they were in great harms way.”

The car slammed into another car driven by 20-year-old Stanislov Dutchak of Hilton. Both drivers were rushed to Strong with very serious injuries. Now investigators are left with many unanswered questions.

Trooper O'Donnell said, “We still don't know why he didn't. We have yet to interview him because the extent of his injuries but once he becomes available investigators will talk to him and ascertain why or why not he didn't pull over.”

Investigators are not ruling out anything right now. They plan to look at toxicology results, any medical conditions the driver may have had and they are even going to look at the mechanics of the vehicle. They are hoping to get some answers as soon as the driver is able to talk.