Hobart in NCAA quarterfinals

Posted at: 11/30/2012 6:01 PM
Updated at: 11/30/2012 6:07 PM
By: Robin De Wind

It's a big weekend for one local college football team. Hobart takes another big step toward a national title and this team has a lot of local talent on it.

The Statesmen are undefeated heading into the weekend's quarterfinals and are ranked seventh in the nation. Their 12 wins sets a second record and although this Saturday won't be easy, this team is more than ready for the challenge.

Hobart Head Coach Mike Cragg is trying to prepare his team for their biggest game of the season. He doesn't talk about making school history or setting more records.

Mike Cragg, Hobard Football Head Coach, said, “Don't be satisfied with what we've done, we need to prepare not about missing school time, the flight or the hotel, but preparing for St. Thomas.”

The Statesmen are flying to uncharted territory to St. Paul, Minnesota, taking on St. Thomas, who are also 12-0 and the fourth ranked team in the nation.

Devin Worthington, junior linebacker, said, “Every week, we focus on a different goal of what we want to do hold opponents to points and cause turnovers.”

Former Aquinas linebacker Devin Worthington is a key member of the Statesmen's top ranked overall defense. Webster defensive end Mark Guarino-Hyde says senior leadership has been the difference.

Mark Guarino-Hyde, freshman defensive end, said, “They are the best senior leaders they keep everyone working hard. They don't let people get off topic and not thinking about football.”

On the offensive side of the ball, the Statesman haven't scored less than 28 points. Dundee's Steven Webb has a lot to do with that, producing his fourth 100 yard rushing game last weekend.

Steven Webb, junior running back, said, “What teams don't know is we can pass it as well as we run it.”

St. Thomas maybe the more experienced team. They dominated St. John Fisher College in last year's NCAA quarterfinals. Their offensive line is big and poised for this postseason push.

Devin Worrington, junior linebacker, said, “We know they are a powerhouse team. They've been to the final four before. It will be tough. We have to mind our p's and q's to get a win.”

The NCAA quarterfinal matchup between Hobart and St. Thomas is Saturday at 1pm at St. Paul, Minnesota.