Geneva goes "green" with its Christmas tree

Posted at: 11/30/2012 10:33 PM
Updated at: 11/30/2012 11:26 PM
By: Don Hudson

When you finish putting all the lights on your Christmas tree, you will most likely plug the cord into an outlet to light it up.

But the city of Geneva's tree is doing something different and a little more environmentally friendly.   

When you think of Christmas trees, the first thing that comes to mind is probably not a “mobile renewable power station.” At the town of Geneva's tree lighting ceremony on Friday night, that wind and solar powered device was almost the star of the show.

It's the holidays and the small city of Geneva is getting into the spirit with its annual tree lighting.

Michael Woody said, “It's really wonderful for the kids during the holiday season.”

And downtown open house.

Bethany Haswell said, “It's a great way for different members of the community to get together.”

And this year, the timing was perfect.

Mayor Ron Alcock said, “Even the weather cooperated, we got a little snow.”

And when it came time to actually throw the switch, the city tree did not disappoint. It's a tradition here and one that hasn't changed much over the years. But Friday night, there was something different, very different. Instead of lighting the tree with electricity, this year, Geneva is using renewable energy and its coming from this mobile renewable power station donated by Casella Waste Systems.

Haswell said, “I'm excited by it. I have never seen such a thing in my life.”

The renewable energy aspect surprised many residents, but not Mayor Ron Alcock.

Mayor Alcock said, “You hear the term go green, everybody wants to be green.”

He says his little city has been trying to be more environmentally friendly for years.

Mayor Alcock said, "We have done some things in city hall to be more energy efficient and we have a green committee for example that works in the city."

Those who live here say the generator looks a little out of place, but certainly adds to the excitement. And the city hopes the use of the generator will become - sort of a guiding light.

Mayor Alcock said, “If we can do our little part in Geneva, that's a plus for our little town and hopefully we can set a good example for others."