Update: Court docs show pizza robbery suspect told clerk: "Money. All the money. Now!"

Posted at: 12/03/2012 12:46 PM
Updated at: 12/03/2012 7:23 PM
By: Berkeley Brean

A woman from Webster is in jail tonight after police say she went on a robbery spree over the weekend armed with a shot gun.

Barbara Cotie is officially charged with one count of first degree robbery, accused of holding up a Pizza Hut in Penfield. But police say they're working up charges against her in Webster and Wayne County.

One of the targets in Webster was a flower shop in webster just off Route 104. One of the owners told News10NBC she was waiting in the back parking lot as the staff was locking up.

"So you going to take these? " Cathy Mills asked one of her customers.

Mills is back at her post at Kittleberger's Florist. But Saturday at closing time, her store and her sister were targets.

"(My sister) was going to her car, it was dark. The woman came up behind her with a gun and demanded to get back into the building," Mills said.

Webster police say the armed woman was Barbara Cotie. Mills says her sister tried to fight back and even put her hand on the gun pointed at her.

"She pushed she said down towards the pavement and started yelling at her," she said.

Mills says it happened in the parking lot behind the store. She showed us where.

"I'm assuming she came along the back of that building there," Mills said pointing to an alley near a fence at the far end of the parking lot.

The hold up in the parking lot behind the Florist happened around 5:30. Police say the robbery at the Pizza Hut in Penfield wouldn't happen until around 11 o'clock, some five and a half hours later.

In the court papers, the clerk at the Pizza Hut told police Cotie told him, "money. All the money. Now!" and then "raised the shotgun and pointed it at me." Police say Cotie was arrested a short time later near the corner of Ridge Road and Hatch Road.

Police say she is responsible for a string of robberies.

Mills says the woman who tried to rob her sister and the store ran away after her sister triggered her car alarm.

"I would just like to tell people to be aware of their surroundings and keep those car alarms handy because they do come in when you need them," Mills said.

Police tell me the Webster charges against Cotie are coming later this week. Wayne County Sheriff's are investigating a robbery at the Mark's Pizzeria in Walworth. The sheriff's office tells us Cotie is their suspect in that case. Watch for those charges after the Webster arraignment.

More from the court paperwork

Court documents filed in Penfield Court show the woman accused and suspected of robbing several pizza places (and a florist) told the clerk in the Penfield Pizza Hut, "Money. All the money. Now!"

Barbara Cotie is in the Monroe County Jail charged with first degree robbery.

The court document says Cotie went into the Pizza Hut on Empire Boulevard in Penfield. One of the clerks, Michael Bovard, says he saw a woman standing in the customer area of the restaurant. Bovard says the woman walked towards him near the register.

"I then noticed that the female was carrying a black shotgun and it was pointed at the ground. The female then said, 'Money. All the money. Now!' The female then raised the shotgun and pointed it at me."

Bovard told the woman he could not open the register but "removed a bundle of money that I had in my... pocket. I then placed the money on the pizza... table and the female picked up the money and took it."

The police report says Cotie got away with about $25.

When she was leaving the restaurant, Bovard says the woman told him, "stay where you are."

Here is the news report filed over the weekend

 Police say a woman is in custody after she robbed two businesses and attempted to rob a third in Webster and Penfield.

The Webster Police Department says the first robbery happened Thursday night at a Mark's Pizzeria on East Main Street in the Village of Webster where they say a female suspect took cash and other items from the pizzeria. The suspect was caught on surveillance tape during this incident.

Officers say they believe the same suspect then attempted another armed robbery Saturday evening around 5:30 p.m. at Kittleberger Florist on North Avenue in Webster. Police say the female attempted to steal property from the florist, but was unsuccessful and fled on foot.

Police say the same suspect then committed yet another armed robbery around 11 p.m. on Saturday night at a Penfield Pizza Hut near the Penfield-Webster townline. Officers say after this robbery, units observed a female driver matching the suspect's description traveling eastbound on Ridge Road in Webster. Officials say 55-year-old Barbara Cotie, of Webster, was stopped and taken into custody by Webster Police.

Investigators say after the arrest, they recovered items taken during a robbery in Webster and another robbery believed to have occurred in Wayne County.

Neighbors tell News10NBC that Cotie was a rather quiet woman who loved to garden. They say she kept to herself and they are completely shocked over the arrest.

Cotie was charged with robbery and taken to the Monroe County Jail.