Fairport man wins $10,000 in Powerball drawing

Posted at: 12/04/2012 6:41 AM

The New York Lottery announced today that a Fairport man has won $10,000 playing Powerball.

The winner, Ahmad Idris, purchased the winning ticket at the 7-Eleven at 1809 Penfield Road in Penfield on November 24.

Two other men from the Rochester area won prizes from different Powerball drawings.

Erick Rosario, of Rochester, won $10,007 from the November 28 drawing after buying the winning ticket at Northgate Discount Liquor and Wine on Dewey Avenue in Rochester.

Daniel Mclane of Rochester who won $10,000 from the November 28 drawing of Powerball. Mclane's winning ticket was purchased at the Fastrac at 2500 Browncroft Boulevard in Penfield.

Courtesy www.MPNNow.com