Sixth grade golf star

Posted at: 12/04/2012 8:16 PM
By: Robin De Wind

A local golfer who shoots better than most of the members of his club and he's only in the 6th grade.

Many kids pick up sports at a young age, but one local middle school student just seems to have a gift when it comes to golf.

The rain moved in and 12-year-old Will Thomson was still out hitting balls at Monroe Country Club.

Will is Monroe Country Club's Most Improved Golfer this season. He went from a 15 handicap to a one, shooting better than most who play there. He surpassed his dad when he was eight.

Kathy Thomson, Will's mother, said, “It's amazing to watch. He hits the ball further and he's so precise. He tries to help me with my game but we're not having much luck with that.”

The Pittsford Mendon middle schooler practices and plays year round.

Thomson said, “I try to go to the indoor place two hours a day.”

Probably not what his other 12-year-old friends are doing after school.

Thomson said, “Not golf, football, lacrosse and watching TV and stuff.”

Will can't play varsity for Mendon until next year when he reaches the seventh grade, but he is a standout on the International Junior Golf Tour where the most promising young players across the country compete. He represented the U.S. In the Euro Golf Cup at St. Andrew's in Scotland last summer. He plays and wins in the under 14 age group. He also caught the attention of the New York Times.

This weekend, he heads to a tournament major at Hilton Head, The Hank Haney Invitational.

Thomson said, “There's a little bit of pressure I just have to keep putting myself in those positions and it will help.”

Will may be small, but he stands tall, earning respect both on and off the course.

Thomson said, “My friends are supportive. They don't understand golf that much but they are starting to catch on.”

Will says his dream is to become a pro. His local mentor, Pittsford Mendon's Gavin Hall, who is heading to UCLA to play golf in a few weeks.