Age progression photo releases of missing Chili teen

Posted at: 12/04/2012 10:28 PM
Updated at: 12/04/2012 11:43 PM
By: Lynette Adams

The search for Brittanee Drexel has gone on for three and a half years. The Chili teen was 17-years-old when she disappeared while on spring break in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Now a forensic artist has come up with a sketch of what Brittanee might look like now.

Brittanee Drexel's 21st birthday just passed. The new picture captures what the young woman would now look like almost four years since the last photo of her was taken.

Dawn Drexel, Brittanee's mom say this is an early Christmas gift. It is the work of a forsenic artist who works for the CUE Center for Missing Persons. It's an age progression of Brittanee. The artist paid special attention to a birth defect that affects Drexel's eyes. One of Brittanee's eyes does not dilate. The picture shows what Brittanee would look like without medical attention for the problem.

Drexel went missing April 25, 2009. She had gone to Myrtle Beach with some friends for spring break without her mother's permission. She disappeared within 48 hours of her arrival and has not been seen since.

The picture brings some hope for Dawn Drexel.

Dawn Drexel said, “Please take a good link at Brittanee's age progression, her face, her eyes. She may be wearing contacting, she may not be wearing contacts. We don't know if her hair is short or long. Take a look at her face. Maybe someone will be able to spot her, possibly find her.”

Dawn says another search for Brittanee in Myrtle Beach is planned in the coming weeks. Drexel says she will never give up looking for her daughter and hopes this new picture helps find her.

The artist used pictures from both sides of Brittanee's family including uncles, aunts and grandparents to come up with what Brittanee's face, hair and eyes would look like.