Better Business Bureau warns residents about door-to-door salespeople

Posted at: 12/04/2012 10:46 PM

The Better Business Bureau has a warning for consumers. It says people in Monroe County have contacted them about door-to-door salespeople, asking to see their energy bills.

According to the BBB, they're telling homeowners they can reduce their heating bills. Peggy Penders, a bureau spokesperson says the BBB is very concerned with these types of solicitations and advises people to take precautions when speaking with salespeople at their door.

Peggy Penders, BBB Spokesperson, said, "We really urge consumers to avoid door to door offers being made at their front door. Unless it's a neighborhood child they know or a Girl Scout cookie which is really the safest door to door sales."

She also recommends taking a look over the offer twice, checking out the company at the Better Business Bureau website and using a credit card as payment.