City announces new partnership to develop Midtown Tower

Posted at: 12/05/2012 1:54 PM
Updated at: 12/05/2012 4:19 PM

There is a new partnership and plan to develop Midtown Tower. Mayor Tom Richards made the announcement Wednesday afternoon.

Larry Glazer of Buckingham Properties and Bob Morgan of Morgan Management have come together for the $55-million project that will create between 160 and 182 rental housing units and three to five stories of commercial space.

Mayor Richards said, “We are not the same city we were 30, 20 or even five years ago and we’re not going back. We are moving forward. It’s going to be exciting and vibrant.”

To help show the transformation and encourage feedback from the community on the future of downtown, the City has launched two, new web pages -- Rochester’s Blue Ribbon Developments and Center City Master Plan.