Deputies: Wayne Co. man kicked grandmother out of vehicle, stole her purse

Posted at: 12/06/2012 10:55 AM
Updated at: 12/06/2012 8:44 PM
By: Ray Levato

A Wayne County man is accused of robbing his grandmother's purse and kicking her out of the car after shopping for Christmas gifts.

33-year-old Danny Hollier is charged with robbery, but both now say it was all a misunderstanding.

Hollier and his 74-year-old grandmother, Mary Baker, say it was all a misunderstanding.

Hollier said, “I didn't realize the pocketbook was in the car when I dropped her off.”

They have been shopping late at the Walmart in Newark. When they got back to Clyde about 1:30am, she said her grandson pulled off the road and told her to get out and that he would be back for her. When he drove off, she walked to a nearby convenience store and called 9-1-1.

Hollier said, “When I dropped her off after shopping, she got out of the car and her purse was under the presents. I drove off and went to a party, a friend's house, she thought I drove off with her pocket book.”

Baker said, “The gifts that we bought, they were Christmas gifts, the pocketbook got stuck underneath the gifts. And when he found it, he brought the pocket book right back.”

Ray Levato said, “Do you feel when he was letting you out that he was kicking you out of the car?
Baker said, “No, no. he would never do that.”

But that's not what Mary Baker told the sheriff, “Danny pulled over, he leaned over, grabbed my pocket book, opened my door and told me to get out. Danny said just wait here and I’ll be back. I told Danny to give me my pocket book and I would get out. Danny wouldn't give it to me. I was pulling on Danny’s seat belt trying to get him to give me back my pocketbook. Danny wouldn't give it to me. He just kept saying wait here. I was too weak to fight with him anymore so i got out if the car.”

Chief deputy Bob Hetzke, Wayne County Sheriff's Department said, “Danny's had problems over the years and grandma still took him in. For him to turn around and rob her, steal her purse and then leave her on the side of the road, it's rather troubling.”
But grandma and grandson hope it will all be forgotten.

Hollier said, “She’s old. She's 74 years old and things aren't as clear to her as they are to you and I.”

Baker said, “I love him with all my heart.”

There is some discrepancy as to where he actually dropped his grandmother off. He says  near her home, but the sheriff says it was blocks away.  The grandson said they even went to the sheriff's office and tried to clear it up. But they say they were told , it's now a matter for the court.