Text 911 for help

Posted at: 12/10/2012 6:42 AM
By: Associated Press

Imagine if you needed to call 911 but were unable to, or in no position to, talk. Sure would be nice if you could text for help in an emergency. Now the Feds and major wireless carriers agree.

The Federal Communications Commission says the nation's four largest wireless carriers have agreed to make emergency 911 texts available nationwide by May, 2014 and in some cases, a texting system for emergencies is expected as early as next year.

Under the agreement with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, more than 90-percent of U.S. cell phone users would be able reach 911 by text. This can help people in cases where a voice call could put a person in danger or help those with disabilities that prevent them from placing a voice call.

However, the FCC says people should make voice calls to 911 during an emergency if they can.