Wayne Co. man charged with manslaughter in mother's death

Posted at: 12/10/2012 6:57 AM
Updated at: 12/10/2012 5:49 PM
By: Amanda Ciavarri

A Wayne County man was arrested Sunday and accused of killing his mother and hiding her body in the woods.

50-year-old Daniel Burkwit is charged with manslaughter. Police say Burkwit told a neighbor he killed his mother back in October and that neighbor called police, which started the investigation.

According to police, after the neighbor called to report the possible death, Burkwit confronted that neighbor about calling the police and was arrested for harassment and trespass. While he was in jail on those charges, according to court paperwork, he told another inmate that he killed his mother.

The Wayne County Sheriff, Barry Virts, says Daniel Burkwit lived with his mother, Marcia on Bonnie Castle Road in Huron for years. Investigators believe Marcia Burkwit died in October of this year.

Sheriff Virts said, “Sometime between 20-21 during a physical altercation in the residence. Marcia Burkwit fell, breaking her neck which lead to her death.”

Police say Burkwit told a neighbor his mother died and the neighbor called police on October 21. Deputies immediately went out to the home on Bonnie Castle Road.

Sheriff Virts said, “During the investigation at the residence, Daniel Burkwit lead deputies to the body of his mother, which he had placed in a wooded area approximately one mile from the residence. She was bound in a blanket and covered in leaves.”

Deputies say it was after they found the body that Burkwit confronted his neighbor about calling the police. That's when he was arrested. According to court paperwork, when Burkwit was in jail, he told an inmate he killed his mother. That inmate told police, “Dan said his mom was telling him that she was getting old and wouldn't do everything herself anymore. Dan said his mom was telling him he needed to do more around the house.”

And that's why they were fighting. According to the inmate, Burkwit said his mother grabbed him and he pulled away, causing her to lose her balance and she fell down the stairs, breaking her neck. Burkwit also told the inmate he tried to do CPR, but couldn't get a pulse. According to the paperwork, the inmate told police, “He felt really bad that he killed his mom because he said his mom was his only friend.”

According to paperwork, Burkwit said he knew the arrest was coming and was going to leave the state. When he was released on the harassment and trespass charges, deputies said he moved to Syracuse and that's where they arrested him Sunday.

Burkwit is being held without bail in the Wayne County Jail. He's expected to be back in court Friday. Burkwit has a criminal record. He has been in jail a number of times for DWI, dating back to 1997. He also did time in state prison for counterfeit charges.

The Wayne County District Attorney says this case will be presented to the grand jury in the next 30 days.