Police: Greece teen posted YouTube video containing threats to victim's Facebook page

Posted at: 12/10/2012 10:57 AM
Updated at: 12/10/2012 6:17 PM
By: Berkeley Brean

A truly offensive video full of racial slurs and threats gets one young man from Greece arrested. Not only does this video attack an African American teenager, it also makes fun of a girl who was murdered by her father several years ago.
Nick Robare, one of the people who made the video and posted it on Facebook, was arrested and charged by Greece police on Sunday.

The two other people in the video made a public apology today through News10NBC today.

"Bye bye hoodie. Slow roasting," Shawn Petrilli said in the video. He was holding the camera at the sweatshirt he and two friends set on fire was burning.

The sweatshirt belonged to a teenager named Alex. We're told that Alex was in a fight with the people in the video.

Shawn: "Bye bye hoodie."
Nick: Yeah that's your (expletive) hoodie (expletive).
Shawn: You (expletive).
Nick: talk (expletive) and then don't do (expletive).

Police say the video shows Nick Robare trying to light a cigarette from the flames. The two other voices belonged to Petrilli and Amanda Farabella.

"I wasn't trying to bring race into anything," Petrilli said. "And all the people I offended saying the N-word, I apologize."

Alex Hare was friends with a girl named Noel Parcells. Parcells and her sister were killed by her father at a camp in the Adirondacks last year. Her father then killed himself.

Amanda brings up Noel's name in the video.

"Hope you're happy now that Noel is rolling in her grave because of you because you're too much of a (expletive) to come fight for your hoodie," she said.

"It was just anger that over came us and we just acted without thinking," Amanda said.

Today we met with Alex and Noel's mothers at Noel's grave site at Mt. Hope Cemetery.

"As a mother I'm going to take that a little personal. I had some nightmares about it afterward," Raechel Coffey, Noel's mother, said.

"I think this is a moment for a teachable moment for parents and our kids to teach children about the associations that they make and not to make heinous videos and post them on line," Alex's mother Michelle Hare said. "This isn't the first time."

Amanda Farabella says the source of their anger was threats over text messages that they claim Alex made to her. She says those messages were deleted from her phone.

The video was made just after Thanksgiving.