Equipment trailer stolen from local rhythm and blues band

Posted at: 12/10/2012 10:08 PM
Updated at: 12/10/2012 11:27 PM
By: Don Hudson

For 30 years they have entertained people all over upstate New York. But at this moment, The Coupe De Villes ability to perform has been taken away, stolen by a thief who took off with the band's equipment trailer.  

Guitar player Tommy Bianchi says that December 6 or 7 someone stole The Coupe De Ville's equipment trailer. Everything was gone. "They took our whole sound system, our light system, guitar amps, bass amps a complete set of drums. Everything we need to work, they took it."

Bianchi says the heist is depressing because it wasn't just equipment, it was years of memories and music. "There were some custom guitar amps in there."

And in the case of drummer George DeMotte, losing his drum set, has been like losing a piece of his heart. "I lost my 14-year-old son in 1985. He had a little blue bunny in his crib. I've always had that on my drums. It's been on my drums for 35 years. It's really hard to deal with that. I don't have that anymore."

DeMotte and Bianchi say despite the setback, the show will go on. And with several gigs coming up, the band has to hurry and replace what was stolen. Meanwhile, their fans and police are hoping to catch the crooks. Fans are monitoring music stores, eBay, Craig's list and more.

"Everybody has been calling. Volunteering their time and services to check out pawn shops."

Offers of support and help have been non-stop.

Bianchi says The Coup De Villes Facebook post about the trailer heist has been shared more than 500 times.

"The phones haven't stopped the emails haven't stopped."

And DeMotte adds the community response has been incredible and humbling.

"I never knew we had this overwhelming like this. I just want to thank everybody."

The trailer was stolen from a parking lot at JD Biker Leather at 788 Howard Drive. The trailer is six feet by eight feet, plain white and has the bands logo on the back and several bumper stickers on it. Any information should be called into the Gates Police Department.

For more on the Coupe De Villes visit their website or the band's Facebook page.