Town of Chili website hacked, taken down

Posted at: 12/12/2012 11:24 AM

Visitors to the Town of Chili's website won't find what they expect.

The site, at www.townofchili.org, was hacked sometime overnight, according to Supervisor David Dunning. He said that everything was normal last night at 11 p.m. when he was working at home. But by this morning, the site had been hacked.

Workers are examining the issue and are unsure of the extent of the problem, he said.

The site has been taken down, but earlier today, visitors saw an image of a mysterious-looking man, a "handle" and email address of the person who claims responsibility for the hijacked site, and several statements, including, "Be strong ... don't cry a lot."

Another read: "When the government leave [sic] us without jobs, this is happening."

Dunning said, so far, he has no idea who is responsible.

The site will be back up over the next day or two but won't be fully restored with all of the town documents it previously contained for up to four weeks.

Courtesy www.MPNNow.com