Wife of missing Ontario County man charged with murder

Posted at: 12/14/2012 10:45 AM
Updated at: 12/15/2012 8:58 AM

An Ontario County wife and mother is in jail, charged with killing her husband.

Rose Chase is charged with second degree murder in connection with the death of Adam Chase. The Ontario County sheriff said she killed her husband in their home on Mott Road on June 14, then disposed of his body at her mother's house in Yates County.

Adam Chase went missing back in June. The sheriff says Chase admitted her involvement Thursday night during an interview with a private investigator.

Back in July, News10NBC spoke with Rose Chase. She didn't want to appear on camera, but wasd asked if her husband could hear her, what would she want to say to him. She was in tears when she said these words:

"I just want to know if he's okay. He doesn't need to talk to me, at least call his parents."

Chase appeared to be a wife and mother distraught about the disappearance of her husband Adam Chase. But Friday at a news conference, the sheriff and the district attorney painted the picture of a cold- blooded killer.

“There is reason to believe she intentionally killed her husband by pushing him down a flight of stairs, then made great efforts to conceal that, ultimately to dispose of the body in a maner that was hoped to never be discovered,” said  Mike Tantillo, Ontario Co. District Attorney.

The sheriff says there is evidence Adam Chase's body was cremated and cut up.

Hard words to hear for his mother, sisters and a host of friends and family members who came to the news conference. They had no comment, but for months now they have suspected Rose Chase.

“Just like we've said from the beginning, we didn't think it was like my brother to walk off. We've tried to tell everybody that,” said Jessica Chase, the victim's sister. “We had a gut feeling that we didn't want to have all along that something bad had happened to him.”

Family members think Rose Chase was having an affair. There is a picture of her with a man, taken just weeks after her husband disappeared. The family was also concerned that even up until recent weeks the sheriff was treating this as a missing person's case.

“I'm very angry, very angry,” said Silvia Chase, the victim's mother. She said all the signs were there that this wasn't just a disappearance, but no one would listen. “It's been a horrible, horrible six months. It's been a horrible, horrible six months, and if it wasn't for my family...”

There was no real hard evidence until Thursday night to arrest Rose Chase, said Sheriff Phil Povero. He said while it's believed she acted alone, the investigation continues. Investigators will continue to search for evidence, said Povero. Some people will be re-interviewed, he said. There is also the task of identifying the remains that have been found.