Scholar Athlete of the Week 12/18: Stephen Page

Posted at: 12/18/2012 3:07 PM
Updated at: 12/18/2012 7:12 PM
By: Robin De Wind

Victor senior Stephen page was taught at a young age to focus on education over athletics.

Steve carries a 98-average and has taken nine APs, including four this year. He's ranked second in his class out of 350. “I've always been focused on the small things and to see it build up to this number two class ranking.”

Steve also has the respect of his classmates. He's been elected class president for the past three years. “As class president I'm supposed to make a speech, as number two in my class I'm supposed to make a speech -- maybe they'll combine the two.”

While academics have taken center stage, Steve is also dedicated to sports. While his family and siblings have loved volleyball, Steve has pursed football and basketball since a young age. “The competitive atmosphere, the student section, it's awesome.”

Steve is a two-year captain for basketball and three years for football. “I try to be a positive captain and I try to have the positive reinforcement and encouragement.”

Cornell, Stanford, Duke and the University of Rochester are among the schools Steve is considering. He plans to purse a career in bio medical engineering.

He admits that his sports and work load can be heavy at times but he enjoys every minute. “There are a lot of days I'll come home and have to do organization work for the class dance, stay up late and study for an AP tests, it's overwhelming but rewarding in the end.”

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