Six shopping days left before Christmas

Posted at: 12/18/2012 5:32 PM
Updated at: 12/18/2012 7:09 PM
By: Ray Levato

Believe it or not, Christmas is now just one week away. With a lack of snow it doesn't feel like Christmas is upon us but if you have not finished your holiday list --- there's only six more shopping days left.

When it comes to Christmas shopping, some people get it done early, others wait until the last minute.

Monday at Eastview Mall was jammed, Tuesday wasn’t as busy but there were plenty of shoppers – last minute shoppers.

Eastview Mall Manager Mike Kauffman expects a busy last few days before Christmas. “You know, great start to the season and what we've seen and it was expected, the last couple weeks have flattened out a bit and the reason for that is this year we have five weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Last year we had four, so we expected it to flatten out but when it's all said and done, we expect it to be a very good season.”

There was some controversy this year when the big retailers extended their Black Friday hours into the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday. Shoppers are likely to see expanded store hours in the final days before Christmas.

As of last week, the International Council of Shopping Centers reports about 65-percent of shoppers had completed their Christmas shopping. That's lower than the 69-percent who had it all done a week before Christmas a year ago.