Tracking state funding: Golisano Institute for Sustainability at RIT receives $5M

Posted at: 12/20/2012 5:25 PM
Updated at: 12/21/2012 12:01 AM
By: Ray Levato

Rochester and the Finger Lakes won a top state economic development award -- more than $96-million. But now the question is, are taxpayers getting their money's worth with this award?

The state awarded more than $700-million to New York’s 10 regions. Rochester and the Finger Lakes finished at the top and will divvy up their $96-million across 76 projects.

News10NBC zeroed in on one of them -- the $5-million going to the Golisano Institute for Sustainability at RIT.

When we arrived to the campus, they were about to install a giant natural gas powered fuel cell -- that will generate electricity for the new $38-million building. Construction workers are still busy putting the finishing touches on the inside.

The $5-million from the state will pay for the equipment to put into the many labs in the Golisano building. The institute works with industry to find ways to make things work more efficiently. That's the sustainability part -- making sure we don't waste resources that will be needed by future generations.

Dr. Nabil Nasr is director. News10NBC asked him if state taxpayers will get their money’s worth. He said, “Absolutely. The main thing in my mind is that this is a great resource for the community from the industrial side and beyond. We have technology we will be demonstrating here. We even have programs for K-12 to help students understand what sustainability is.”
Dr. Nasr stressed how important it is to have the resources, the laboratories, the know-how and ability to also educate professionals in this area. He said it's critical for our community to be effective and competitive.