Holley High School in lock-out Friday

Posted at: 12/21/2012 10:21 AM

Schools across the country are closing Friday and it’s not just because of the weather.

Officials are taking extra precautions after receiving threats of violence, one week after the massacre in Newtown, Connection.

No schools in our area are closed, but we know Holley High School will be in lock-out Friday.

That means all exterior doors will be locked and police officers will be positioned at school entrances while classes are in session. Friday evening’s basketball game has been changed to an away game. Holley school officials will not discuss the specifics of the threat.

According to our news partners at the Messenger Post, a student at Midlakes High School in Phelps was suspended Thursday after school officials say they found a written threat on campus. Investigators believe the threat was a joke, and the school was not put on lock-down.

Fairport High School officials say they have also received a threat but consider it a rumor without merit.