Webster community remembers fallen firefighters at Christmas Day mass

Posted at: 12/25/2012 1:03 PM
Updated at: 12/25/2012 7:52 PM
By: Nikki Rudd

A Webster church held a Christmas Day service Tuesday morning, but it wasn't just focused on the birth of Christ. Our fallen firefighters were also remembered.

Christmas is a day were most of us are worried about presents and holiday dinners, but this Christmas was different. Everyone, touched and hurting, after four West Webster firefighters were shot, and two killed. But there is a message of hope.

Fr. Tim Horan said, "It's been a sorrowful few days here in Webster and prayers were lifted up. We have lost two and we pray for the recovery of two others."

These parishioners, trying to find peace,  on Christmas day at the church of the most Holy Trinity in Webster. 

Reverend Tim Horan pointed to Christ's birth as a starting point for healing..

Fr. Horan said, "This child is the remedy. God's remedy for violence and hatred in this world."

So many are struggling, trying to come to grips with what happened Monday on Lake Road in Webster and why these innocent men, volunteer firefighters, serving our community, had to die. There are no answers, but the message at this mass is to be light in your community.

Fr. Horan said, "The light has come into the world and for all in the darkness, nothing can extinguish our hope. "