Checkpoints set up for residents along Lake Road

Posted at: 12/25/2012 6:04 PM
By: Christine VanTimmeren

News10NBC talked with a number of people who were stopped at the checkpoint near Seabreeze. They had cars full of Christmas presents, families just trying to get to each other for Christmas, but safety and security are still of the highest priority in that area.

If you didn't have proof that your or a family member lived on the narrow stretch of Lake Road, you weren't getting through this Christmas.

Jacob Boudrez, whose father lives on Lake Road, said, "Kind of makes it a pain, but they have a job to do and I totally understand with what happened Monday."

While waiting at the police checkpoint near Sea Breeze, Jacob Boudrez said he couldn't believe it when he heard all this happened just down the street from his father's house.

Boudrez said, "Pretty worried for my dad. But we called him right when it happened so like we knew that he was ok.

Steve Yankerkhove and his wife live at 66 lake road, stopping at the checkpoint to get verified has become the norm now. 

VanKerkhove said, "So long as they let us in. "

This is what the area looks like today, from far away you might not even notice,  but from close up, it's easy to see the ruins of what were seven homes, now completely destroyed. 

VanKerkhove said, "Everytime we pass by it's going to be very strange to see what were those cute, closely packed row of houses there."

Chief Pickering said there were 87 homes affected.  Power was restored to all the homes not a part of the crime scene. At Tuesday's press conference,  Webster Police Chief Gerald Pickering said even those homes not affected by flames could still have damage.

Chief Pickering said, "Several of the homes were locked and the SWAT team did need to make forced entry so some of the residents returning may find some doors kicked it. But it was done by law enforcement trying to clear the home."

It's a Christmas no one on Lake Road expected and something they'll not likely forget. But putting this minor inconvenience in perspective, residents realize there are more important things.

Starting early Tuesday morning, dozens of investigators from the sheriff's department, the Monroe County Fire Bureau, state officials and the West Webster Fire Department were all on scene, even on Christmas. The chief thinks the checkpoints will go away around 8pm Tuesday and the road will be opened, but this investigation is far from over.