Families return to their homes after Webster tragedy

Posted at: 12/25/2012 11:44 PM
By: Amanda Ciavarri

Police are wrapping up their investigation at the crime scene in Webster and letting people return to their homes.

Lake Road was reopened late Tuesday night.

As people have been returning to their homes, some have stopped to share what they saw and heard on Monday.

“I got a phone call at quarter to six saying don't go near the windows, stay away from the doors, just don't go outside at all.”

Fran Beth says she wasn't sure exactly what was going on early Monday morning, but when her friend called her to tell her what she heard on the news, she became scared.

It wasn't long before help came, she looked out her window and saw the SWAT team with the armored car on her street.

“Then they back in my yard. There was like five of them in there full gear, machine guns or some kind of automatic guns, and he's pointing it with those little windows at the bottom of your house, and I'm thinking oh my god, he is under my house,” said Beth.
Beth says that's when the SWAT team started banging on her door.

“I go to the door and they say go get in the truck, get in the truck,” she said.

Beth says luckily her home wasn't damaged in the fire. She knows how lucky she and her neighbors are and says all the credit should go to the police and firefighters who helped them evacuate.

She says it is still hard for her knowing two fire fighters were killed and two others seriously injured.

“It takes a lot of the fun out of Christmas,” Beth said.

This is just one of the many stories being heard from people who live on Lake Road.

Even those who didn't lose their homes say they know how lucky they are, but there were still a lot of tears because they know the terrible things that happened Monday were just down the street from them.