People line the streets, paying tribute to Tomasz Kaczowka

Posted at: 12/31/2012 4:34 PM
Updated at: 12/31/2012 7:39 PM
By: Christine VanTimmeren

From St. Stanislaus Church in Rochester, a procession made its way to Holy Sepulchre Cemetery where fallen hero Tomasz Kaczowka was laid to rest.

People lined the streets along the way, paying tribute to the 19 year old. Despite the day's chill and fact that it's New Years Eve, the community came out to honor Tomasz.

Where words are hard to find, an American flag speaks of love and compassion. Where numbers are few, the spirit among them fills all voids.

“We just want to tell these people how grateful we are for their service and we're thankful for them and just stand up for all the goodness in the world.” Cheryl Lenhard and her family were part of the handful of people who lined the procession route for Tomasz Kaczowka near Maplewood Park. “I wanted our community and our street to show our support and our gratitude for all that they do.”

Gratitude displayed with a hand over a heart, a tear in the eye and a salute over their brow.

Kevin Jackson said, “These guys make daily, weekly, yearly sacrifices. So it's the least I can do is to hold a flag you know and say that we appreciate them.”

And as the procession made its way to the gates of Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, words still couldn’t convey the depth of emotion onlookers felt.

Most of the people that lined Monday’s procession route will never know Tomasz but they recognize his courage and his bravery and the goodness in his heart.

Jackson said, “That's the one sliver of hope we have is that when these things do happen you see how many people come out and support it and it does give you hope that you know, people in general are good.”