Rochester teen on this season's The Biggest Loser

Posted at: 01/06/2013 7:00 PM

One of the contestants of this season's The Biggest Loser is from right here in Rochester.

Sanjana, or "Sunny" Chandrasekar, 16, and her family have moved a lot, from India to Rochester to Australia and back to Rochester, where she is now in 11th grade.

Sunny says most of her weight gain occurred during her early teenage years as she coped with the challenge of moving and starting over at different schools.

In her online biography it says Sunny takes AP classes, sings and plays varsity tennis at her high school.

There's also a video biography on NBC's website where Sunny talks about her time on the show.

"I've always been a fan of The Biggest Loser and I really felt confident that the show could help me change my life and hopefully the lives of other people around me," she said. "What's amazing about our journey here on The Biggest Loser is that we're not on the ranch, we're actually at home, and we're learning to incorporate healthier habits and lead a healthy lifestyle at home while also juggling school and after school activities sports, music, all that kind of thing."

Sunny says she'd like to be a doctor, so she wants to leave for college having become a successful and confident person so she can make a positive impact on the world.

You can watch Sunny on Sunday night's episode of The Biggest Loser starting at 9 p.m. on News10NBC.