Woman found dead after house fire in Brighton

Posted at: 01/08/2013 4:44 PM
Updated at: 01/08/2013 11:32 PM
By: Lynette Adams

Fire officials say they found the burned body of a woman in the town of Brighton, and it was in the driveway when they arrived.

Brighton Police are not calling this a homicide, however, they're not saying much about the circumstances of the woman's death.    

News10NBC talked with friends and neighbors Tuesday night.

People had kind, loving things to say about the family that this tragedy has happened to. What they said the most is that it just doesn't make sense.

Tuesday night they're asking why someone would want to hurt the woman who's body was discovered and investigators say they can't answer that question just yet.

“I came over hoping to be able to console them anyway I could," said neighbor John Rowe.

It was shocking for neighbors to come home Tuesday night to Riverside Drive in Brighton to see emergency vehicles lining the street.

The attention focused on one home.

People like John Rowe, who says he's known the family who lives in that home a long time, were shocked.  Fire Chief Sam Mitrano says it started with  a call to 911.

“Around ten minutes to four, a 911 call came in for a fire. Firefighters found a woman in the driveway,” Mitrano said.

But that's not all.

“The fire was out, but the woman had been burned,” said Mitrano.

Rowe describes his friends as a beautiful family. Other neighbors who spoke to News10NBC said similar things. They said they were too upset to speak on camera.

News10NBC is told the woman lived in the home with her husband and son.

Neighbors say her mother lived next door up until recently and at one time even her grandmother also lived down the street.

“Its just so shocking because it wasn't that long ago that her mom passed. It don't make sense. Something don't add up,” said Rowe.

The Rochester Fire Department covers fires in West Brighton and is working with the Brighton Police Department and the Monroe County Fire Bureau on this investigation, but none of them have released much about this case so far.

“My staff is here and we're investigating the facts and circumstance. I don't have a lot for you right now. You did hear chief Mitrano did confirm there was a fatality and that's what we are investigating,” said Chief Mark Henderson, Brighton Police Department.

Chief Mitrano said this fire is ruled suspicious, which is common until the exact cause is known.

News10NBC spoke with Brighton Police, but they are not releasing the victim's name or giving any updates.