Flu epidemic creates crowding in hospitals

Posted at: 01/08/2013 11:37 PM

The flu epidemic keeps getting worse.

In areas where the flu is bad, it's very bad, and for health care professionals it means more patients showing up at hospitals than they can treat in some cases.

At Lehigh Valley Medical Center in Pennsylvania they are treating overflow patients in tents.
At New York's Saint Barnabas Hospital the hallways are packed with patients. Doctors say they're getting as many as 50 patients a day with flu-like symptoms.

At Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital they've seen more cases of the flu already this year than they did all of last year.
We haven't seen a flu season like this for more than a decade. It has the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concerned.

On Tuesday cities across the country are feeling the strain, and we haven't even reached the 50-yard line of flu season.

“Patients usually come in feeling like they've been run over by a bus. They basically have body aches, joint aches, they feel feverish, they often times have sweats,” said Dr. Ernest Patti, Saint Barnabas Hospital.

Doctors have been seeing hundreds of flu cases in the Rochester area.

Less than a week ago, the Monroe County Health Department said there have been more than 900 confirmed cases of the flu.

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