NY gun control laws in question

Posted at: 01/09/2013 11:40 PM
By: Lynette Adams

A lot of people are concerned about Governor Cuomo's comments on gun control, from people who sell guns to people who collect them and buy them for recreational purposes.

“We need a gun policy in this state that is reasonable, balanced, that is measured,” said Cuomo.

In his State of the State Address on Wednesday Governor Andrew Cuomo talked about closing loopholes that would make it nearly impossible to get high-powered rifles.

You can find Magazine-fed rifles at Jackson Guns and Ammo in Henrietta. Owner Kordell Jackson says the gun laws in this state are already strict and require you to fill out an ATF questionnaire and go through a police background check.

What Jackson is concerned about is that the paperwork doesn't include mental health information.

News10NBC spoke with residents and Webster Fire Chief Craig Akins Wednesday night about their thoughts about the Governor's comments.

“How could you bludgeon your grandmother to death? I think it was like 20-something times with a hammer, and all of a sudden you're deemed to go out in public again. Whoever deemed he was okay to go out in public again, I have a problem with that,”  said Akins.

“A lot of people have this idea that they're just buying just to go buy them, and we as a dealer are allowing this to happen. It doesn't work that way. We don't generally have people off the street looking for stolen weapons to come into my shop. We sell it to the legit people who are looking for these weapons,” said Jackson. “We might have better success if we would identify those problems earlier and got people help.”

“There's no reason, except for a SWAT team or military, why anyone should have assault weapons,” said a local supporter of the Governor's proposals.

Federal law prohibits any questions about mental illness. Some think changes in these requirements alone would make all the difference in the world.

A new report was released on Wednesday that shows the U.S. Suffers far more violent deaths than any other wealthy nation and the researchers say part of the problem is guns.

The findings were released by two leading health research institutions.

The report says there are far more violent deaths in the U.S. partly because of widespread possession of firearms and the practice of storing them at home in a place that is often unlocked.

But again, gun owners say guns are being blamed for a much bigger problem.