Residents in Webster continue to rebuild after tragedy

Posted at: 01/10/2013 7:02 PM

The people who lost their homes to fire in the Christmas Eve tragedy in Webster have started the process of rebuilding.

News10NBC went down to Lake Road to see the progress being made in the area. In addition to the people who live there others have been stopping by to see the scene for themselves. Two men shared their thoughts with us.

"My first pass through here to see all the houses gone was a complete shock," said Jim White. "I was not expecting to see that even though I had seen it on the news."

"It sets in the message that an incident like this could happen anywhere," says Mike Falzone, who came to see the area. "Even in the safest neighborhood like this."

In all seven homes burned to the ground. The Webster Town Board agreed to waive certain fees associated with building for those homeowners.