RCSD meets with community to discuss "Master Plan"

Posted at: 01/10/2013 11:47 PM

Parents and other interested community members had another chance to talk about the Rochester City School District's "Draft Facilities Master Plan" with the Board of Education.

The plan calls for modernizing some Rochester City School District buildings over the next decade. It also recommends closing eight schools, although Superintendent Bolgen Vargas is recommending only five be closed.

Thursday night, Board President Malik Evans says the cost of the plan is approaching one billion dollars. He also says the purpose of the meetings is to get input and "make the right changes."

"Every single thing that we do will have an impact on everything else," says Evans. "Like pieces on a chess board, if you move on piece it effects the others that are there. So whatever you do to one school will affect the others."

Evans says a decision will be made around the end of February or early March.