RCSD: Nearby students will get top priority in Kindergarten placement

Posted at: 01/12/2013 11:17 AM

Superintendent Bolgen Vargas says that nearby Kindergarten students will soon receive priority placement at elementary schools.

District officials say the "Home School Guarantee" will ensure that residents who live within a half mile of a neighborhood elementary school will be able to attend that school. Students who are part of city pre-K programs will receive second priority to nearby residents.

Dr. Vargas says this new promise will allow families who purchase homes in Rochester to have a better idea where their children will attend school.

Officials say this plan only applies to the 32 neighborhood elementary schools, but not the citywide elementary school programs.

Programs that are exempt from the guarantee include:

The guarantee was announced at Saturday's "School Choice Expo," an event that allows families to explore different city school programs for their children.